The modern business environment is characterized by numerous rapid changes in the financial market around the world and changes in the legal regulations governing specific areas. We prepare our students to take the “right step for a new age” and be ready to change. Through an individualized approach to each person, we provide and imparte contemporary and applied knowledge and skills required in the market that enable professional development and personal growth.

Lifelong learning

As there is a growing need today to acquire additional knowledge and skills that could not be acquired during full-time education, we have adapted lifelong education programs to this. Formal programs designed as a narrow specialization in two significant areas; area of ​​health and area of ​​knowledge of tax and law. The programs are carried out with the permission of the Ministry of Science and Education, which ensures the enrollment of the programs in the E workbook.

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We do not only give our students the education and experience that would inspire them for a career, but also help them succeed in their careers – discovering a field they are passionate about and dare to work on.


  • As a specialty of Effectus, I would definitely point out the lecturers who are experts – practitioners and that is why the lectures are always dynamic and accompanied by current real life topics.

    Jelena Lešić
  • The decision to enroll in Effectus was a jackpot for me, because in addition to gaining knowledge, skills, making new friends right after graduation, I also got a college job as an assistant. Effectus has definitely changed my life.

    Marko Lukač
  • I am extremely pleased with the opportunities Effectus has to offer as I acquire the latest knowledge and skills needed in the job market while expanding my knowledge and opening new doors for the future in the business world.

    Domagoj Poljak
  • Once you become a part of Effectus you will hardly want to leave this world anymore! Learning, socializing, having fun, teaching, colleagues and professors – creating memories for life.

    Doris Pole
    Year 2 student of Finance and Law
  • Definitely, the knowledge I gained from Effectus was a springboard for me to try my hand at entrepreneurial waters. I realized that the combination of finance and law was the ideal base for starting my own business, and I certainly wanted to use that.

    Ambrozije Letica
    Effectus alumni

Business Cooperation