Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of Effectus is a strategic advisory body that provides guidelines for the development and operations of the school by a mutual exchange of experiences of its members, by monitoring and proposing modifications to the existing course of study, by creating new curricula and educational programs in accordance with trends in the labor market, by considering questions of the practical training of students, by stimulating the creation of scholarship programs, by the employment of successful students and by the development of joint projects with Effectus .

Members of the Advisory Board are prominent members of academia, business and broader social milieu who, as friends of Effectus, are interested in its successful operation and development.

Member of the Advisory Board (alphabetical):

Josip Budimir, Member of the Board of Franck;

Luka Burilović, President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK);

Vladimir Gligorov, Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies, Austria;

Šime Ivanjko, University of Maribor, Slovenia, Honorary Consul of Croatia in Slovenia;

Peter Jambrek, EVRO – PF Slovenija;

prof. dr. sc. Zoran Jašić;

Dragan Kovačević, JANAF d.d., President of the Board of Directors;

Željko Lovrinčević, Institute of Economics, Zagreb;

Michael Markota, ALCA d.d. President of the Supervisory Board;

Željko Menalo, Diners Croatia, President of the Board of Directors;

Damir Skender, Saponia d.d., President of the Board of Directors;

Željko Udovičić, Štedbanka, Procurator;

Ivo Usmiani, Jadran galenski laboratorij, President of the Board of Directors;

Paul Vandoren, Former Chief of the Delegation of the European Commission in Croatia, Van Doren Consulting; Belgium,

Mladen Vedriš, Faculty of Law, Zagreb;

Ratko Žurić, founder and partner in the law offices of Žurić and Partners.