EFFECTUS is becoming an educational center for an international certificate EBC*L

On 23.08.2016 a contract was signed between the director of the Zagreb Crafts College, Mr. Dražen Maksimović and the CEO of EFFECTUS dr.sc. Đuro Horvat. By concluding the contract EFFECTUS became an accredited EBC * L Educational Center.

The EBC * L (European Business Competence License) is a business education training system, internationally recognized and recognizable. It is implemented in more than 25 EU countries and worldwide. The general goal of EBC * L is to contribute to business literacy for ​​anyone who wants to expand their knowledge. The initiative aims not only for beginners but also for professionals who want to confirm their knowledge in the economic sector, with the program being designed not only for people who need to adapt to the labor market or want to do their own job but also those already employed who want to improve existing competencies and acquire new competencies and knowledge and thereby provide better business status and quality of work.

EBC * L consists of three levels of knowledge:

  • Level A: Fundamental knowledge – adopting basic accounting knowledge, business goals, indicators, pricing and legal framework.
  • Level B: Planning (Business Plan) – learning how to create a business plan, manage sales and marketing, make a financial plan, budgeting and cost analysis.
  • Level C: Management – includes topics such as human resource management, business strategy, organizational development / leadership, and the importance of the role of leader.

Each Level is taken separately, and successfully passing the exam acquires an internationally recognized certificate.

The EFFECTUS University College carries out a 32-hour education program that will provide students with the necessary knowledge to successfully complete the A and B Levels. The Crafts College is currently the only testing center in the Republic of Croatia.

EBC * L official site: http://www.ebcl-international.eu/

The Crafts College: http://www.obrtnicko-uciliste.hr/ebcl