Masters in Business Administration – MBA course of study: Human Resources and Knowledge Management

Name: MBA – Masters in Business Management

Module: Human Resources and Knowledge Management 

Duration: 2 academic years, 4 semesters

ECTS credit: 120

Name of qualification: Professional Master of Business management (MBA)

Type of course: full-time, part-time

Study for an MBA is designed in conjunction with the latest demands of the job market, the economy, education, and finally the interest of the students. The goal of the program is to link theory and practice, recognizing that professional business managers must have, not only specialized knowledge, but also a strong basic knowledge.

The course of study lasts for two years. In the first year, all MBA students are grouped together, while in the second year they are divided into their respective specializations (or modules). By selecting a specialization, the students, regardless of their previously acquired education, will learn the specialized knowledge that is specific to their selected areas, which are:

a) MBA – Financial Management

b) MBA – Taxes and  Corporate Law

c) MBA – Human Resources and Knowledge Management