Finance and business law

Finance and business law program is structured in a way which provides an answer to the growing demands imposed by the information era and the rapid development of new technologies and also to meet the needs of a wide range of market and entrepreneurial business.

Become a part of unique study program which is a novelty in the Croatian education system, but also in the wider region.

Basic features:

Unique interdisciplinary course of study that gives you the opportunity to obtain knowledge in two complementary fields – law and finance

The program is based on practical application of acquired knowledge

Upon completion of this study program, the acquired title is Bachelor of Economy and 180 ECTS credits

The possibility of transfer to the second or third year of study

The professional Bachelor of Economy is tranied to perform the following tasks:

administrative and non-managerial affairs in the system of state administration and local government and self-government

accounting operations in banks, savings banks, funds, insurance companies and other financial institutions

accounting operations in all types of companies and institutions

broker and dealer transactions on commodity exchanges, securities markets, money markets and services markets (both state and abroad)

transactions in accounting services

financial transactions in all types of enterprises and institutions

jobs in companies that deal with financial consulting, financial analysis, development of business plans and investment projects, etc.

financial affairs within financial institutions, banks, savings banks, funds, insurance companies and the like

accounting and finance affairs in the state administration

all typical legal affairs in companies, institutions, associations, trade unions and other organizations


Finance and business law


Undergraduate professional study

ECTS credit



3 academic years, 6 semesters

Type of course

full-time, part-time

Name of qualification

Bachelor (Baccalaureus/ Baccalaurea) Economy

Continuing education

In graduate study Business Administration – MBA for which students receive the additional 120 ECTS credit

Tuition fee and methods of payment

The tuition depends on the type and model of payment. During enrollment (by signing the contract) the student chooses the type and model of paying the tuition. The, model of payment is determent in the Study Agreement.

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