Financial Management

Mastering this programme increases the individuals efficiency in the area of finance and financial management. Once completed this specialization, students will be able to preform variety of jobs in both private and public sector especially in financial planning and management, money investment planning, short-term securities management and corporate finance management. Like the worldwide known business programmes, this course follows the most recent academic trends in the field of financial management and provides you with the crucial knowledge needed for today’s business world.

Basic features:

When enrolling in the second year of study, opens the process of selecting a specialization



The program is based on practical application of acquired knowledge

Upon completion of this study program, the acquired title is Professional Master of Business management and 120 ECTS credits

The possibility of continuing education on doctoral study acquiring addicional 180 ECTS credits



Students are trained to perform the following tasks:

Sales manager

Human resources manager

Sales manager and supervisor

Marketing manager

Brand manager

Specialist for analysing business process





MBA – Masters in Business Management


Financial Management

ECTS credits



2 academic years, 4 semesters

Type of course

full-time, part-time

Name of qualification

Professional Master of Business management (MBA)

Continuing education

On doctoral study where acquiring addicional 180 ECTS credits

Tuition fee and methods of payment

The tuition depends on the type and model of payment. During enrollment (by signing the contract) the student chooses the type and model of paying the tuition. The, model of payment is determent in the Study Agreement.

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