Analytical management

Technology, globalization and the resulting opportunities have made “business as usual” an outdated concept. Nowadays an entrepreneurs have to be more creative and innovative than ever. This programme will teach you the power of creative thinking if applied in the right way in changing business world. In this MBA programme you will focus on developing creative ideas and problem solving approaches in order to adapt to fast changes in globalization era of business. So, despite the cliched view that the creativity and business are two different worlds – they are actually very alike and they have to co-exist in order of achieving successful and profitable business.

Basic features:

When enrolling in the second year of study, opens the process of selecting a specialization

The program is based on practical application of acquired knowledge

Upon completion of this study program, the acquired title is Professional Master of Business management and 120 ECTS credits

The possibility of continuing education on doctoral study acquiring addicional 180 ECTS credits


Students are trained to perform the following tasks:

interpreting types of controls and knowledge of legal and professional regulations during audits

properly describing and interpreting the role that the internal audit has in fraudulent disclosure

understanding how changes in behavior and decision-making of participants in the economy will affect the business environment

knowledge of the special features of the financial institution’s management bodies

knowledge of the status and legal structure of financial institutions

Analyzing the business environment and its changes with the aim of correctly formulating, implementing and executing a business strategy and properly managing and overseeing the implementation of project activities.

Critically evaluating the market positioning of a business entity and independently formulate marketing strategies based on the basis for the selection of strategic activities.

Justify reasons of independently using Social Network Analysis in selecting and applying adequate network metric.

Combine knowledge from the area of behavioral economics with analytical tools and creative thinking techniques in complex problem-solving and decision making processes.

Valorize knowledge, innovation and change management in entrepreneurship of the digital age.



MBA – Masters in Business Management


Analytical management

ECTS credits



2 academic years, 4 semesters

Type of course

full-time and part-time

Name of qualificiation

Professional Master of Business management (MBA)

Continuing education

On doctoral study where acquiring addicional 180 ECTS credits

Tuition fee and methods of payment

The tuition depends on the type and model of payment. During enrollment (by signing the contract) the student chooses the type and model of paying the tuition. The model of payment is determent in the Study Agreement.

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