Taxes and Business Law

Business law is a modern field of law which importance has grown rapidly in the last decade. Due to modern globalization era, businesses are more diverse and complex than ever before so the skills in law and finances are more needed than ever. Once you graduate this programme you will learn how to make best strategic decisions and manage various types of legal and financial risks like tax risks, liability risks, investment risks and market risks. Furthermore, you will gain fundamental knowledge in the legal way of approaching problems, area of taxation and business entities.

Basic features:

When enrolling in the second year of study, opens the process of selecting a specialization

The program is based on practical application of acquired knowledge

Upon completion of this study program, the acquired title is Professional Master of Business management and 120 ECTS credits

The possibility of continuing education on doctoral study acquiring addicional 180 ECTS credits


Students are trained to perform the following tasks:

Correct use of legal sources of enforcement law

Collecting the theoretical knowledge necessary for understanding the procedural aspects of the law on the basis of which the practice is discussed and decided in the enforcement procedure

Analysing the business environment and its changes with the aim of correctly formulating, implementing and executing a business strategy and properly managing and overseeing the implementation of project activities.

Linking the principles and legalities of corporate governance and the principles of managing different types of business risks (tax risks, risks of damage, investment risks and market risks).

Evaluating behaviors and identifying acts that constitute harmful actions and the causal link between harmful action and damage as a consequence



MBA – Masters in Business Management


Taxes and Business Law

ECTS credits



2 academic years, 4 semesters

Type of course

full-time, part-time

Name of qualification

Professional Master of Business management (MBA)

Continuing education

On doctoral study where acquiring addicional 180 ECTS credits

Tuition fee and methods of payment

The tuition depends on the type and model of payment. During enrollment (by signing the contract) the student chooses the type and model of paying the tuition. The, model of payment is determent in the Study Agreement.

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