Accommodation is fully students responsibility and depending on your personal preferences you will decide where to live while studying abroad. There is no „one size fits all“ answer regrading accommodation but there are 2 following options that can serve you:

1. Living in student dorm in a single or shared room
2. Living in an rented apartment/studio

Before going abroad we recommend contacting the host University to ask if there is a possibility to stay in a dorm or a student campus. In case you prefer staying at your own apartment beside worldwide known platforms we recommend checking the social media students groups of the University you are visiting. Also, we recommend contacting the local ESN social media groups. Social media University or ESN local groups can provide you with many useful and practical information regarding life in a foreign country and it is really
useful tool to get an apartment affordable for your budget.

Also, by joining the local ESN social media groups you can connect with the international students attending the same University and luckily find your own roommate! Good luck!