How to apply


1. step – In order to become our exchange student your home University shall contact us and nominate you as an exchange student. In the nomination letter your home University shall deliver us your personal information like your name and surname, date of birth, address, study level and time and the course you are interested in studying.

2. step – After we receive your nomination we will contact you and let you know which documents you need submit. We will provide you with our syllabus, explanation of all the offered courses and answer of your questions and doubts.

3. step – After we receive all the required documentation from you, we will send you a confirmation letter. The delivered documentation needs to be fulfilled and delivered on time. Please bear in mind that late and uncompleted documentation will not be taken into consideration. If applying late, your reasons have to be debatable and explained. In each case, you will always receive an e-mail confirmation once your application has been received.

4. step – After we process all the delivered documentation and approve your application we will send you a Letter of Acceptance. Letter of acceptance will be sent to you via an e-mail.


For the Fall semester (September – January), the deadline is the 30th of April.

For the Summer semester (February – June), the deadline is the 30th of October.

If you would like to visit EFFECTUS College beside this deadlines, please feel free to contact us anytime and we will try to find the best solution for you!


Please download and fulfill this application form in order to submit your application to EFFECTUS.


Before arriving at EFFECTUS, beside your application you should obtain the following documents:

1. Letter of motivation
2. CV
3. transcript of the records
4. Scanned ID photo or any similar kind of photo
5. European health card or a proof of international Health insurance valid in Croatia
6. copy of your passport (please check its expiry date, it should be valid until the end of your stay in Croatia)
7. English language certificate


Until we meet, do your research about Croatia, prepare yourself for interactive and interesting lectures and be ready for a lifetime experience that you will remember for the rest of your life!

See you at EEFECTUS!



(If you are an international student living abroad of European Union and you need a Visa in order to arrive to Croatia, we will send you

the Letter of Acceptance as soon as possible after we receive your notification.)