You might be thinking of Austria as a small country but despite its size, Austria has had a very big impact on the world. Beside its geostrategical history and many famous componsers, politicians and psychologists, Austria is home to stunning landscapes and vibrant cities. Austria as well offers some of the best universities in the world with zero tuition fees for EU nationals. So, it is not a surprise that with zero tuition fees and financial support for those coming from further afield, Austria is one of the most desirable spots if an international student is looking for an academic adventure.

Currently, there are more than 600 Universities in Austria and more than 20 Universities in its capital city, Vienna. The interesting fact is that almost 30% of all students are (27.6 percent) are international ones. The capital of Austria is historic Vienna, the former seat of the Holy Roman Empire and a city renowned for its architecture and rich and diverse academic programmes.

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