Course catalogue for undergraduate students programme


In case you are interested in studying both finance and law, EFFECTUS is offering the most interdisciplinary programme that provides you knowledge in the two essential fields needed for an successful entrepreneurship: Law and Finances.

First three year of studies are general for all students and they serve as a program introduction related to the number of courses divided in few categories like: Basics of Math, Basics of Accounting, Basics of Civil and Corporate law, Business Law, Banks and Banking Business…

After mastering the general first three years of Finance and Business law you might enroll MBA studies and at your second year of MBA you may choose some of the mentioned programmes that are devided into these courses: Financial Management, Human resources and Knowledge management, Taxes and Business law, Creativity, Innovation and Analytical management and Behavioral Economics.


1st Year Undergraduate Professional Study Finance and Business Law:

Basics of Mathematics 7ECTS Financial Mathematics 6 ECTS
Basics of Accounting 7 ECTS Basics of Informatics 6 ECTS
Basics of Economics 7 ECTS Bacis of Statistics 7 ECTS
Introduction to the Law and Judicial System of the Republic of Croatia Business English
  Basic Management Funtions


2nd Year

Digital Economics 6 ECTS Law of obligations 7 ECTS
Financial markets 6 ECTS Business English 2 6 ECTS
Financial Accounting 6 ECTS Business Planning 5 ECTS
Public Finance 6 ECTS Practice 6 ECTS
Civil Law Basics 6 ECTS Elective course* 5 ECTS
Elective course* please check  


3rd Year

Economics and Business Analysis 6 ECTS Banks and Banking Business 6 ECTS
Insurance and Insurance Risks 5 ECTS Elective course 5 ECTS
Commercial Law Basics 6 ECTS Master thesis 8 ECTS
Corporate Law 5 ECTS  

Administrative Procedure and

Administrative Dispute 6 ECTS

Elective course* please check  



Insurance law, Public Sector Business, Business English 3, Budget Accounting, Modern Financial technologies, Economic Analysis of law, Ethics in Business and Management, Negotiation skills, Accounting of financial institutions, Law of real property (rights in rem), Financial Statements Analysis 8, Marketing Management and Its Use 7, Strategic Management 7, Management of Corporations 8, Design of Business Plan 6, Bank Management   6, Croatian Tax System and Its Application 9, The Legal Framework of Financial Institutions 6, Law related to compensation of damages 6, Bankruptcy Law 6, Organizational Behavior 7, The Psychology of Personality and the Organization 9, Management Techniques and Skills (Leadership) 7, The Labor and Employment 7