Czech Republic with its wonderful castles, charming history and little, narrow streets is must-visit place in central Europe. You can visit this small country in the heart of Europe and enjoy it as a tourist but it’s even better to study there! Czechs beautiful, bohemian capital city of Prague is proud of its Charles University which was founded in 1348, making it the oldest University in the Central Europe. Throughout the history, Prague functioned as a royal and imperial capital and its legacy is that in Czechia there are 61 Universities. Beside Prague, Brno is one of the most favorite options for domestic and international students and it is even called: „students city“.  Global Rankings rank Universities in Czech Republic among TOP 200. Thanks to the high quality study programs to choose from the Czech Republic has become an increasingly popular student destination. Especially in combination with affordable living costs, enjoyable student life, great location and career opportunities all in one, safe place.

  1. Sveučilište Masaryk, Pravni fakultet, Brno

Masarykova univerzita, Pravnicka fakulta