In order to encourage and motivate students to experience international studying exchange programme, the agency for mobility and EU programmes (AMPEU) provides students with financial reimbursement. Given financial reimbursement might help you cover the majority of costs and expenses. However, the costs depend about the state you are traveling to.

High standard countries:

Denmark, Finland, Island, Ireland, Luxemburg, Sweden, UK, Lichtenstein, Norway

– 500 Euros reimbursement


Middle income countries:

Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Holland, Malta, Portugal

– 450 Euros

Low income countires:
Bulgaria, Czechia, Eastonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovachia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Turkey

– 400 Euros

Upon leaving, the 90% of the costs will be reimbursed to you and the rest (10%) will be reimbursed once you get back and make a final report about your international experience.

Even though the financial reimbursement will be provided we kindly remind you that the responsibility for covering your expenses of studying and living abroad is fully yours.

That is why we suggest, before leaving, to make an overview of anticipated expenses and sources of income, in order to make sure you have sufficient funds for your studies abroad.

Take into consideration the following costs:
1. Travel expenses (to/from your destination and during your stay)
2. Accommodation (rent) and
3. Other living expenses ( food & drink, clothing etc.)
4. Vaccinations and health/other insurance
5. Study costs like books etc., sports and recreation.

We remind you that getting an International Student Identity Card (ISIC card) can get you discount on a range of products and services (museum tickets, gym membership) in more than 130 countries.

When owning ISIC you can even get cheaper flight tickets.
Find out more about ISIC on this link and purchase your card from ISIC Croatia in their official offices in Zagreb.Get your ISIC card here.