Italy is a southern Europe country that can please even the most demanding students and tourists. Italy has Alps, Mediterranean Sea, astonishing history and culture, beautiful art and amazing mild climate throughout the year and delicious organic food and dishes. Italy also comprises some of the most varied and scenic landscapes on Earth and is often described as a country shaped like a boot and full of history and beauty on every corner.

Beside beautiful environment and living conditions, Italy provides many amazing international study programmes offered at their Universities. Currentlly there are more than 32,000 international students in Italy and the majority of international students come from Greece, Albania, Germany and Croatia. At the moment there are more than 90 Universities in Italy. With astonishing history and rich tradition of higher education, Italy was always an attractive option for students, travellers and beauty-seekers.

Some Italian universities are very well known and ranked very high in the world; such as the Bocconi University in Milan, the University School of Architecture in Venice or the “Politecnico” in Milan and Turin.

  1. Sveučilište u Bologni / Alma mater studiorum – Universita di Bologna

Pravni fakultet, Scuola di giurisprudenza


  1. Fakultet za ekonomiju, menadžment i statistiku/ Scuola di economia, management e statistica


  1. Sveučilište u Firenzi, Firenza

Università degli studi di Firenze