Lithuania is the largest country among of the three Baltic states, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. Lithuania was a powerful empire that dominated much of eastern Europe in the 14th–16th centuries and some of its legacy remains nowadays. Today, Lithuania earns high marks for the quality of life. It’s been ranked as a first country for the quality of life in the Central and Eastern Europe and is also very well known for its world-high-class health infrastructure and level of safety.

Lithuanians cities have been compared to Copenhagen and Barcelona but beside its modern vibe of the cities Lithuanias biggest asset is nature. Also, everything mentioned Lithuania offers excellent academic institutions, innovative facilities and more than 350 English-taught study programs for international students. Due to that fact, it lays claim to an internationally recognized higher education system and it is ranked 59th by U.S. News and World Report’s in the most higher education rankings.

It is very interesting and important fact to know that international students are eligible to apply for Lithuanian state scholarships. At the moment there are 24 colleges and 22 Universities in the Lithuania and the most popular Universities in Lithuania are: Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (which attracts the largest number of international students), then Kaunas University of Technology, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Vilnius University, Mykolas Romeris University and European Humanities University.

Given its location (surrounded by Latvia, Belarus and Poland, it is close to Germany and Denmark) studying in Lithuania might be a perfect opportunity to explore Europe by very well-connected railway network and of course, to gain academic experience and knowledge for the rest of your life!

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