Business Management

Every organization needs a leader. But not everyone can be a leader in a corporate world. Business managers oversee operations and help employees reach their top productivity levels. A business manager may also supervise or train new employees, help a business reach its operational and financial objectives so a person needs to be very well educated and have manager skills. This MBA programme teaches you all about business management and how to coordinate and multitask many business activities required for successfull entrepreneurship.

Here you can find all the courses:



Study program MBA – Master of Business Administration:
Crisis Managament
Financial Statement Analysis
Design of feasibility study of Investment Project
Analytical Management 1: Creative thinking techniques
Use of analytical management
Behavioral Economics
Critical Thinking
Psychology of decision making
Decision making under risk and uncertainties
Creative problem Solving
Game Theory
Analytical Management 2 : Problem solving and decision making
Social network analysis
Social Physics
Marketing management
Communication and presentaton skills
Behavioral marketing
Law related to compensation of damages
Alternative dispute resolution (ADR)
Croatian for begginers