As the name of this country says, sLOVEnia this is country full of lovely people, mountains, valleys, and good education. It is located in the central Europe, close to Italy, Croatia, Czech Republic.

Ljubljana, its capital city is one the most picturesque and monumental small European cities that you will ever visit. Small streets, vivid river and small bridges crossing the river all over the city and minute with main square make it definitely one of the most romantic inland cities in Europe.

Regarding the education, Slovenia proudly has one of the best education systems in Europe and one of the best Universities in Europe, which is highly appreciated and known for its quality. At the moment, Masters programmes in English are growingly popular among international students, making studies in Slovenia very accessible and popular among older students.

The majority of Slovenians are fluent in at least one foreign language so it doesn’t surprise the fact that the majority of classes are lectured in English language.

At the moment there are 4 universities, 37 faculties and 10 single higher education institutions established as private institutions. At first, you might believe that is minor number of Universities but taken into consideration  Slovenia has just 2.1 million people that number is actually very high.

At the moment 4% of all Slovenian students are international ones are that number is increasing every year. Many foreign students come from the region of the former Yugoslavia; Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and EU countries as well. Many international students are attracted by the low study costs, good standard of living and universities’ reputation and quality courses.

We are positive, if you decide to study in Slovenia, we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised!

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