Living in Croatia is a great experience.

Whether as a student or arriving in Croatia due to professional practice, you’ll discover that Croatia is a country full of surprising contrasts. Croatia has so much to offer, it is both Mediterranean and inland country, it has beautiful and untouched nature, like the Adriatic sea, lakes and mountains and cities have great libraries, bookshops, restaurants, cafés, and a dynamic cultural, especially art scene.

Whether you are a student or you arriving in Croatia for professional practice, the private market offers several housing options. However, accommodation is primary students responsibility but EFFECTUS can provide you some guidance and help if needed. Student residences and dorms are unfortunately not available at the moment.

Before traveling to Croatia we recommend checking out location of EFFECTUS and making a list of Zagreb neighborhood where exactly would you potentially prefer to live. In case you prefer natural surroundings and woods we definitely recommend staying in Maksimir, Petrova street and Lašćina district. While if you prefer vivid and vibrant city vibe we recommend staying in the city center, Vlaška street, Martićeva street or Ilica. Location of EFFECTUS is at one of the most popular spots in Zagreb so many neighboring apartments are already rented so please take few weeks to find your future place to live. Usually, the price range for an apartment is 250 Euros to 650 Euros on a monthly basis. However, the final price depends on many factors and please bear in mind that the utility expenses are usually not included in the rent. From EFFECTUS you can get in 7-10 minutes to the main city square in Zagreb (Trg bana Josipa Jelačića) by catching city trams number 17, 11 and 12 so have in mind that EFFECTUS is very well located and connected with public transport. In order to find your perfect apartment, beside the worldwide known platforms we recommend checking out the social media accounts of the Zagreb rentals or the social media accounts of the Zagreb International students like local ESN. ESN social media groups and other groups of students in Zagreb can provide you with many useful and practical information regarding life in Croatia.

ESN social media group can really be an useful tool to find an apartment affordable to your budget.

Also, by joining the local students social media groups you can get in touch with other international students arriving to Zagreb and hopefully find your roommate! Good luck!