What steps you need to take in order to apply?

Firstly, make sure that you are ready for a lifetime experience!

Once you make that decision and you are open to meeting new cultures and gaining more knowledge, start searching international universities (or higher education institutions) that represent knowledge, values and education level that you are willing to gain. Check the list of EFFECTUS partner Universities here.

As a starting point we advise you to first check the EFFECTUS international partners listed on our web page. Beside EFFECTUS University partners, you can choose to study at university of your personal interest. Propose your ideas and discuss them with your ERASMUS Coordinator.

When you make a final decision where you would like to study, you have to start the application process by filling out „Application form“. Download the application form – here.

Some personal information, like a CV, transcript of record, photograph, letter of motivation, certificate (or any proof of knowledge) of English language need to be provided. Your EFFECTUS ERASMUS COORDINATOR is at your service anytime for help you with advice and filling out the form, if needed.

Once you fill in the application form, send it to your ERASMUMS coordinator.

Beside the application form you must deliver LETTER OF MOTIVATION which informs the host University why they shall pick you as their welcoming student and your reasons to study and live abroad. Please download the form of letter of motivation here.

Upon receiving your fulfilled application, ERASUMUS COORDINATOR sends your application to the EFFECTUS University partner and notifies you about the results of the contest. The results of the contest are public and they are published on EFFECTUS webpage every February and October. Also, you will be notified regarding the results via e-mail by your ERASMUS Coordinator.

Once the results are published it is your turn to start planning your lifetime studying experience!


EFFECTUS University has many partner Universities all over the Europe. So, there are plenty of destinations to choose but as a start we advise you to check the list of EFFECTUS partner Universities.

After choosing the University and the course you are interested in, you have to choose few compulsory subjects and few optional (elective) ones. When making a decision which course you are interested in, please pay attention to ECTS points of the subjects. They should be equvivalet or at least similar to EFFECTUS studying semester if you would like to get credits for them. If you want to earn credits for the attended courses make sure the courses you choose are approved in advance.

Usually, the subjects that are similar to the ones taught at EFFECTUS will be valuated as an ECTS equivivalent while the rest of the subjects will be recognized as optional courses. It can take some time to receive an approval from your ERASMUS ECTS Coordinator, so please submit your request as soon as possible. You can only be certain that you will earn credits if your courses have been approved before the exchange by an ERASMUS Coordinator. Undergraduate students are advised to do the selection of the courses together with an EFFECTUS ECTS Coordinator.

1. Coordination of the proper application of the ECTS system
2. Signs your Learning or Training agreement
3. Coordination of academic partnership with partner Universities (coordination of the courses)
4. mediation between students and teaching staff related to the exchange
5. counseling and preparation of documents for foreign students at EFFECTUS
6. advising students when choosing professional practice

Students must contact their coordinators for ECTS questions related to choosing a study program at a foreign university where they could do an internship.

Therefore, before going on international exchange, the student must, in agreement with the ECTS coordinator at the home faculty, choose the courses or define the professional practice program at the receiving/host institution.

Please note that during the academic year it is not possible to attend all offered courses/lectures by the partner University. Some courses are taught in winter semester and some are being taught at summer semester while only few of them are being taught during the whole year.


In order to do successful international exchange, student must conclude and sign the learning agreement. Learning agreement is a document that includes the most important information about the courses of the studies as well as rights and obligations of the host and home university. The agreement is standardized, user-friendly to fill in and it should be signed by a student, ERASMUS co-ordinator and the International Office. Your EFFECTUS ERASMUS COORDINATOR is at your service to help you with filling out the Learning agreement but you can do it by yourself as well.

Once arrived at the host University, students can make changes to their learning agreements due to different circumstances. Whenever changes occur, EFFECTUS International office should be notified by the student as soon as possible via e-mail.

*Students enrolled in the MBA program, conclude the learning agreement in coordination with the secretary in charge of the specific MBA program. The learning agreement must be signed by the student, the MBA coordinator and by the International Office.


Third step towards successful international exchange is nominating a student to the host University. Nomination is done by your ERASMUS Coordinator who delivers necessary documentation to your host institution.

Then you will receive instructions on how and when to submit your application to your host institution, either from your international exchange coordinator or directly from the host itself. The information that needs to be delivered depends about each University differently.

Please note that it is students responsibility to deliver completed information to the host university on time. Late and incomplete documentation will not be taken into consideration.

Step 4 -

If a student fulfills all the necessary requirements requested by the host University, he/she is chosen to become a welcoming student and the host University sends the Letter of acceptance and welcoming package with all detailed information about the studies to you or your EFFECTUS ERASUMUS Coordinator.


Once you receive the letter of acceptance you can really start planning and taking actions to study and live abroad. As one of the first steps we recommend is starting the visa process as soon as possible because sometimes it can take up to 6 months.