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EFFECTUS – Entrepreneurial Studies – University College was established by the Founding Treaty as of January 17, 2008.

After conducting the necessary procedures prescribed by law, EFFECTUS was granted a License in May 2010 for conducting the activity, performing a pre-graduate/undergraduate professional study of Law and Finance and a graduate professional study program Finance Management, receiving an entry permission for the first generation of students.

In the academic year 2012/2013 EFFECTUS successfully passes AZVO’s re-accreditation process. Re-accreditation is a mechanism for checking the competence and credibility of higher education qualifications, providing quality and basic evidence to students and the public about the quality of a higher education institution or program. According to the results of the re-accreditation, EFFECTUS has partly completed, mostly completed, or fully completed all seven prescribed quality standards. The report of the International Commission and the positive recommendation to the Minister were a clear proof that EFFECTUS, when it comes to quality standards, is the fastest growing university college in the country. This exceptional achievement was accomplished in just three years after the first generation of students enrolled. The results of the re-accreditation have confirmed that EFFECTUS has since its foundation been permanently committed to achieving national and international norms and standards of higher educational quality. Commitment to the quality culture derives from the Mission, Vision and Strategic Framework of EFFECTUS and the ways of their achievement.

LIFELONG LEARNING is one of the strategic development projects of EFFECTUS. The ultimate goal of implementing lifelong learning programs tailored to the needs of the economy and the development of society is to create a diverse and flexible offer of individual and corporate lifelong learning programs at EFFECTUS. The seriousness EFFECTUS attaches to this segment of its own development has been recognized by the Agency for Vocational Education and Adult Education. Effectus Business Academy, an adult education institution, conducts professional training programs from economics, law, finance, supervision and corporate governance, tourism and hospitality, and foreign language learning programs. With a wide range of business programs, the Academy ensures the acquisition of knowledge and skills in the areas concerned with the acquisition of the necessary competences for a demanding labor market. The programs are conceived as narrower specializations from the required areas, and provide participants with the knowledge and skills they have not been able to acquire during regular schooling. The Ministry of Science and Education has verified the programs of the Academy, which ensures their enrollment of the e-Workbook. With the successful completion of the formal program, the participants receive a Certificate of Training and gain the right to obtain the 29990 Quality Management Certification, known for its quality both in the Republic of Croatia and in the European Union. By acquiring the Certificate and its mobility, each participant further confirms their own competences.

EFFECTUS implements a transparent policy of action and development based on high academic standards and through an appropriate enrollment policy that provides quality teaching (small educational groups that provide individual access to each student, a balanced ratio of theoretical and practical teaching with an emphasis on practical professional training of students).

The EFFECTUS rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and teaching aids and are fully adapted to the needs of students, teachers and associates.


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