To apply for an international exchange programme, you must meet the following requirements:

1. Firstly, you have to be a student enrolled at EFFECTUS.
(Those who have already graduated and our ALUMNII unfortuantelly are not eligible).

2. You should be fluent in English or the speaking language of the country you are visiting. In the majority of international exchange programmes the Universities use English as the most common language but there are always few exceptions.

3. When applying, a student must successfully obtain a minimum of 60 ECTS at EFFECTUS.

4. Each university or higher education institution holds limited number of places intended for international students. In that case, we recommend contacting the host university as soon as possible to check the availibility of the course you are interested in.
Also, it is smart to contact the Univesity prior to applying to check if there are any special requirements or the additional criteria that you might need to fullfill. For example, EFFECTUS has a preference to host A grade students.

5. EFFECTUS provides an opportunity to each of their students to apply and gain international studying experience. However, preferably, the full-time students are most likely to do international exchange. But, as everyone is allowed to gain international experience the students who are already working (mostly the part-time students) are also eligable for international exchange.
EFFECTUS University wants their students to have a positive impact on society and to study at University that fits their needs the best. In an effort to achieve this we advise non-obligatory in person or zoom consultations with EFFECTUS International Coordinator.